Vignalta Sirio Dry Moscato 2007

Vignalta, Moscato del Veneto IGT, Dry, Sirio 2007

It’s quite interesting tasting this wine 3 years on since the grapes were harvested. Often I drink up dry Muscats like this fairly soon. Tonight we have wine though, that is still out in the market and available today.

Thus the nose shows us the floral notes we often associate with Muscat, yet with some evolution beyond their early, pristine state. I would argue that this gives us complexity and a bit of smell reminiscent of dry vermouth, combining green herbs and fortification with brandy. There’s a fruity element as well, like peaches fallen from the tree.

In the mouth this Muscat is certainly dry, a little warm and a little viscous. It is light-bodied and showing its age but not knocked out yet. I would drink up any bottles that you have on hand this summer.

The grapes are all Muscat Canelli. Bottled in Arquà Petrarca 13.5% purchased for$12.99 at Bottle Barn

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