The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine

The Good Life Guide to Enjoying WineWhat others have to say about The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine.

  • “Useful and informative tips on how to maximize the enjoyment of wine.”
    Gerald D. Boyd
  • “If you want to try, buy or sigh about wine this is the book for you. Ray educates, entertains and makes it easy for all to enjoy the Good Life with wine”.
    Jill Ditmire, Food and Wine Writer Indianapolis Star
  • “To many of us in the wine education profession Ray Johnson’s approach to wine (The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine) is the one we like to take, especially with new wine students. Ray has written an excellent practical guide and common sense approach to buying, serving, and ENJOYING wine. Written with good cheer, humor, and delightful quotations by various wine notables (W. C. Fields??) this little book is superb at demystifying the subject of wine. Even the wine snobs could learn some simple basics from this book. A good, quick read; one I will now have to recommend to my students.”
    Barry H. Gump, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry/Enology, California State University, Fresno
  • “A most engaging entrée to wine appreciation. Ray Johnson’s concise and comprehensible “how to” demystifies the subject without patronizing the reader. Had such a primer been around during my years of self-education, I could have avoided many an embarrassing moment and perhaps acquired the confidence to enter the profession earlier than I did.”
    David P. Jones, Wine Works
  • “I can say it is also highly recommended for us senior wine folks! Even though I have been around the wine world for a considerably longer time than the author, I learned something new on almost every page.”
    Ralph E. Kunkee, Professor of Enology, Emeritus University of California, Davis
  • “Ray Johnson has such a varied background -retailing, wine service, wine judging, travel in the U.S. and Europe, and lately winemaking. He takes all of that rich experience in wine and distills it into a little gem of a book for beginners. In fact, I am not a beginner and I had a wonderful time reading it.”
    Hope Merletti Moffett, Co-founder of Vineyard & Winery Management
  • “I’ve known Ray Johnson for years and I think he is one of the best in the business at making wine accessible whether you’re a beginner or an expert. He strips away the pretension from one of the world’s most unnecessarily intimidating subjects. Like any great educator, Ray strives to help his students derive the same pleasure he experiences. This book is loaded with great insights for anyone interested in wine.”
    Greg Quinn, General Manager and Wine Director, Indigo Restaurant, San Francisco
  • From how to use a cork puller to storing your wine treasures, Ray Johnson’s, The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine, will make understanding wine as easy as your ABC’s.
    Tom Simoneau, The Wine Guy, KSRO Radio
  • “Ray Johnson’s brisk, cut-to-the-chase approach to wine appreciation, leavened with a dollop of humor and free of pretension, is just what consumers are thirsting for. If you’re just tip-toeing into the world of wine or simply need a refresher on the pleasures that await, this guide is extremely handy.’’
    Jerry Shriver, USA Today
  • “Halleluiah! Finally a book on wine that makes me, a beer guy, want to tackle the world of wine. No pretense here, just a low key, approachable and open minded view of the world of wine”
    Pete Slosberg, creator of Pete’s Wicked Ale and founder of Pete’s Brewing Co.
  • “You can learn a whole lot about wine here, and not spend your life doing it. A practical and entertaining guide.”
    Fred Tasker, wine columnist, Miami Herald