Ray Johnson the Author

The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine

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The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine slashes through the pretensions so often associated with wine. In one afternoon reading and tasting, you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions that the author has heard while teaching about wine in California.

You’ll learn how to describe the styles of wine you like best as well as practical advice on navigating restaurant wine lists, buying wine at the store, pairing wine and food and getting the most value out of every dollar you spend on wine.

Available in bookstores.  Ask for a copy if it’s not on the shelf or order your copy on Amazon today .

Published by TasteWine, The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine is distributed by Delphi Distribution and is available in bookstores everywhere. Only 96 pages and 5×8 inches in size, the Library Journal calls it ”A commonsense, pocket-sized primer to suit time-pressed wine newbies.”

Hardcover, $13.95, ISBN-10 061555637X and ISBN-13 9780615556376