Frederic Magnien Vosne 2005

Frederic Magnien, Vosne-Romanee, Vielle Vigne 2005 The nose of this wine features earth and rubber, some Band-Aid as well as reductive notes. In the mouth, the wine is tight and tannic, with obvious brett. I’ve had some other Magnien wines that showed nicely with age and I’ve had others that were tough wines like this one.

This wine is unnecessarily austere and the Band-Aids are not coming across as a helpful complexing agent. After one hour the fruit was starting to surface yet the depth of the wine was not expanding. It’s not that this wine is simply inward and young, it really doesn’t have the stuffing beneath the hard-edged coat that it is wearing. I think that consumers would be disappointed after spending $50 for this wine. Mis a Morey-Saint-Denis 13% $50.49 at Bottle Barn Maison Frederic Magnien

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2 Responses to Frederic Magnien Vosne 2005

  1. Wine Alex says:

    I have to agree with you on your review, but mostly on the Band-Aid smell you commented on. The smell is what initially put me off. And then exactly what else you commented on. Fortunately I didnt pay for the wine as it was a gift!

  2. Ray says:

    Thanks Wine Alex. It would have been doubly disappointing to buy this for a special dinner only to meet this result.

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