McWilliam’s Chardonnay 2007

McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate, South Eastern Australia, Chardonnay 2007 In the nose there is plenty of fruit, from pear to tropicals like papaya. In the mouth the freshness of the fruit is front and center, accentuated by just enough acidity, with a little warmth and oaky richness as well as a roundness to the mouthfeel -very nice.

20% of the wine was fermented in a combo of new and used French and American oak. 35% of the wine went through ML and all of the wine experienced 3 months of aging on the lees with battonage. The RS is 5.2 grams per litre which amplifies the fruit and contributes to the mouthfeel.

I realize that it is more common to bash high production wines with a bit of RS (this one is 20,000 cases) than laud them but this wine delivers the goods at a price point. The suggested retail in the states is $12 and it has discounted down to $8.49 at is now sold out but there must be a retailer that still has some stock on hand at a similar price.

And you have to know that while many a pundit will scoff at any trickle of RS in traditionally dry wines, a fair number of Chards on the market utilize this enhancement to please the people, albeit without an over mention.

Full disclosure: This was a trade sample and I had the opportunity to visit with Scott McWilliam in the Hunter some years ago and thus have a soft spot in my heart for the wines that he makes. It’s too bad that we don’t have access to the amazing Semillon that Scott has been making – the mature bottles are ethereal.

This ’07 Chardonnay was vinted & bottled in New South Wales, 13.5% alcohol. McWilliam’s

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2 Responses to McWilliam’s Chardonnay 2007

  1. Biff Mahoney says:

    Of all theChardonnays I have tried over the years, McWillianms is by far the best tasting. It does not have that acidy aftertaste that so many wines leave. It just plain tastes good. Goes great with salmon, or shrimp and scallops. love it!

  2. Ray says:

    Hi Biff,

    I agree about the pairing – especially scallops.
    Best, RJ

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