Andalucian classics

Lustau, Sherry, Solera Reserva, Light, Manzanilla, Papirusa nv
Classic bruised apples and freshness with lots of almonds. Grab the olives for this one. This Palomino-based wine is matured in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Bottling code: 7255 in Oct. ’08, 7255 in April 2009 and still so in May 2010. 15.5% purchased for $12.99 at Bottle Barn Traverso’s

Lustau, Sherry, Solera Reserva, Rare, Amontillado, Escuadrilla nv
This wine is the epitome of hazelnuts in a glass; very dry and long-lasting, well beyond the final sip. In October ’08 the hazelnuts were as vibrant as ever in the mouth, but in the nose a spiritous character was becoming more overt; in other words, it’s started to smell a bit like like the brandy that fortified it. P&B in Arcos in Jerez, founded 1896, Palomino is the grape 18.5% purchased for $19.99 at Bottle Barn

Lustau Sherry Denominación de Origen Solera Reserva Moscatel Emilín ME nv
This wine smells of molasses woven into Muscat fruit. The mouth is full of brown sugar and sweetness, without the intense viscosity of some of the PX wines. This wine cries out to be paired with a warm winter compote. P
&B in Arcos in Jerez, 100% Moscatel or Muscat as we would call it, bottling code L-6110 17% purchased for $22.39 at Bottle Barn

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