Etosha Aoba Lodge

Onguma Game Reserve, located on the east side of Etosha’s fence line, offers a number of accommodation options. We chose to stay in one of the bush suites at Etosha Aoba Lodge, one of the eleven thatched-roof bungalows, where the little houses blend harmoniously into the look and feel of the forest.

Meals were served in the open air, under a big canopy in the main building, so that you could enjoy the outdoors even when the seasonal rains were thundering. Our three night stay was truly luxurious. A new treat for me at breakfast was the smoked oryx, chewy but moist, a formidable challenger to prosciutto, my all-time favorite cold breakfast meat. Dishes at dinner changed every evening. Night number one featured butternut squash pasta for an appetizer and oryx steak with a perfectly constructed cream sauce as a main course.

Relaxing afternoons at the patio and pool included a regular visit by a small tribe of Kudu, who browsed and grazed their way to the small waterhole less than forty feet away.

Visitors just outside the patio and pool

The concluding treat on our final evening was a visit with the bush babies on view from our seats at dinner, just outside the restaurant. A scops owl joined the group to accompany us on our walk back to our chalet – a truly magical aerial experience.

Etosha Aoba Lodge

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