Blandy’s 5 Year Sercial

Blandy’s, Madeira, 5 Year Old, Sercial nv The nose features dried fruits and nuts, melding a sense of citrus and raisins with honey all wrapped into a nutty dessert. The complexity is great and always leads one down a garden path to expect loads of sweetness but we know otherwise when it comes to the wines made from this grape in Madeira.

In the mouth the citrus notes continue, with lots of Madeira’s characteristic acidity. There is also that nuttiness, like almonds dashed with a bit of caramel. The sweetness is there at 50 grams per litre but does not seem so with the acidic foil. There’s a silky smooth texture and a mild sense of the brandy – very nice. It’s best to think of this wine with strongly flavoured appetizers rather than dessert.

After fermentation, the wine is fortified then aged in the warm lofts of the lodges, where it develops its signature flavor profile.

Produced and bottled by the Madeira Wine Company in Funchal 19% purchased for $19.69 at Bottle Barn Blandy’s

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