Grey Stack Marie’s Syrah 2007

Grey Stack, Bennett Valley, Dry Stack Vineyard, Marie’s Block, Syrah 2007 This Syrah brings a sense of the northern Rhone to Sonoma County. There’s tar on top of the black fruit in the nose, with meatiness and a floral component like lavender. In the mouth this wine has structure! Wow, Syrah with acidity and ripe tannins in the background. You might not have to shop the Rhone section anymore with this wine on offer.

Dry Stack VineyardThis upcoming release was a gift from proprietors Peter and Marie Young. There are many like myself who cheer their success and the accolades they have been receiving around the world. This young couple has made many friends inside and outside of the wine business and deserve their time in the sun. Winemaker Russell Bevan and Vineyard Manager Chris Bowland. Bottled in Santa Rosa 13.5% (Can you believe that? Structured New World Syrah under 14% – watch out M. Chave.) $36 for the previous ’06 vintage at the winery. Grey Stack Cellars

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