Claiborne & Churchill 2007

Claiborne & Churchill, Central Coast, Dry Riesling 2007 Fortunately I had the opportunity to try this wine again after the corked bottled discussed previously. In the nose are stone fruits, flintiness and a bit of the petrol character we associate with Riesling. In the mouth the wine expresses its fruit in tandem with minerality and a backbone of acidity.  There’s just 4 grams per litre residual sugar to fatten the wine rather than sweeten it. The grapes are sourced from Monterey, 80% of them from Arroyo Seco. Proprietors Claiborne Thompson & Fredericka Churchill. P&B in San Luis Obispo 12.6% $18 at the winery.

Claiborne & Churchill, Central Coast, Dry Gewurztraminer 2007
The roses are glowing in the nose of this wine. In the mouth this Gewurz is close to perfection. It gives the traditional tropical fruits and flowers yet there is also a healthy burst of acidity that is often lacking in Gewurz. You know that this grape can take on a bitter edge and there’s none of that here. The wine if full-bodied and dry, with just 3 grams per litre of residual sugar adding a touch of background weight without a sense of sweetness. The grapes are sourced from Monterey and a large proportion more specifically from Arroyo Seco. P&B in San Luis Obispo 13.4% $18 at the winery.

Claiborne & Churchill

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