It’s Not Just for Cooking

Marsala is known the world over but like Madeira it often gets categorized as a mere cooking wine. This is unfortunate as the flavors can delight and since the wine is out of fashion, it’s price point is attractive.

Marsala DOC Fine Ambra Secco
Marsala DOC Fine Ambra Dolce
The former makes a nice aperitif in that there is a touch of RS and moderate complexity. The latter has more body and brings on the full array of complex smells associated with Christmas pudding, from orange and clove to molasses. It would make a nice choice for Rocquefort cheese, much as I advocate for Malmsey Madeira. Both wines are bottled in Marsala, both are fortified up to 18% and they retail for $10.99 at Bottle Barn and $12.99 at Traverso’s Florio

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