Molokini Snorkeling Aboard the Calypso

The snorkeling is enjoyable for its experience of almost exclusively small fish along the edge of the rock.  The personal learning for me:  find a great area of coral and stop, just float and watch the activity unfold.  Previously I spent too much time looking, covering far too much surface area.  The greatest concentrations of sea life during my visit were in a few choice spots rather than spread evenly across Molokini.

There are many choices for transport to Molokini.  Our friend John Webby recommended the Calypso and he was right.  It is modern and large – a more stable option for those who might be bothered by the rocking of the sea.  The crew was friendly and the ship had a vast staircase across the boat allowing quick access to and egress from the water.

Note that the trip goes from the harbor in Ma’alaea.  While the 6:45 a.m. arrival prior to the 7:15 departure seems a bit too much of a cushion, when you arrive you find out why the insistence on an early arrival, with the parking scrum at the harbour, the lines to pay and print parking tickets ($3.00) for your dashboard and the final scramble down the dock on foot.  First on also ensures first choice of seats, whether you want to sit inside or outside, near the window or in the middle, and whether you want to be first or last in line for the breakfast buffet.

List price $129.95 per person, John Webby price $109.95.
John Webby:  based on Kamaole Beaches, phone 808.2984598 or email
Visited on October 4, 2018.

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