Kathryn Kennedy Reserve Syarh 2002

Kathryn Kenndy, Santa Cruz Mountains, Maridon Vineyard, Reserve, Syrah 2002 This was a delicious wine and I can’t tell you why for the notes are in a journal that I’ve misplaced. Yet I feel compelled to share the story – sometimes the deliciousness of a wine stands out strongly in memory even when the reasons why have left your grasp.Madiron Vineyard

We opened this bottle late last year after finding it rattling around in the cellar. I had forgotten the occasion when this wine was given to me but finding it brought back great memories.

While working in Draeger’s wine department on the Peninsula, Linda and I had the opportunity to visit with Marty Mathis at the family’s winery. At that time, it was a small bucolic oasis in the middle of ever-encroaching development on the edge of Silicon Valley.

Marty MathisWe tasted his wines and talked about Lateral, at that time a new project beyond the varietal Cabernet Sauvignon that we knew. Since then he has created other wines as well, such as this Syrah. I also remember climbing down a steep staircase into the bomb shelter which has doubled as a wine cellar over the years. The fond memories associated with wine are certainly more than of the liquid in the bottle.

Bottled in Saratoga 14.3% a gift from a friend. The current release ’05 is on offer at the winery for $65 and production is limited.

Kathryn Kennedy Winery

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