Vya Sweet Vermouth

Quady, California, Vya, Sweet Vermouth nv What makes this aperitif so exciting is that it is impossible to stop adding descriptors if you start – so I won’t – just buy a bottle, chill it well and serve it over a few ice cubes. Try it first, before any other wines in the evening. The symphony of flavors refreshes your palate and perks you up for dinner. This has been and continues to be my favorite vermouth from the United States.

Beverages like this, though waning in popularity, long had a following in Europe. The base wines for this vermouth include Orange Muscat, Colombard and Tempranillo. The botanicals include gentian, galangal, cinnamon and nutmeg. All of this combines to create floral and spice notes, sweet and bitter notes and a host of others to be discovered. Winemaker Michael Blaylock. P&B by Andrew Quady Winery in Madera 16% $16.99 at Bottle Barn Quady Winery

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