The Good Life Guide to Enjoying Wine

Author Orietta Gianjorio, who writes about wine and food for Fuori le Mura, just posted a great review of my book at the magazine’s online site.  Follow this link to read the review in the original Italian:  Fuori Le Mura online

fuori-le-muraOrietta has a new wine show debuting soon on KRON. I’ll post the news and a link to that as soon as it’s available. Salute!

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Ray Johnson is the Executive Director of the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University. He writes about food and wine, his travels and the business of wine. He makes his home in Sonoma County, California.
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  1. Marilyn says:

    That just proves Italians have excellent taste! I’m afraid I have parts of the book memorized and lately begin sentences with “Ray said . . .”

  2. Ray says:

    Thank you Marilyn! RJ

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