Dr. Frank Rkatsiteli 2006

Dr. Konstantin Frank, Finger Lakes, Rkatsiteli 2006 We opened this wine last night and were delighted by its similarity to Riesling. The acidity is quite intense and the wine has the stuffing to fill out the experience in the mouth. There is 7.5 g/l RS which really doesn’t show but rather provides the counterweight to the 9.2 g/l acidity.

This was the first time I have experienced this grape. In the Oxford, Jancis Robinson describes this grape’s origins in Georgia and notes that it is the most planted variety in the ex-Soviet republics. P&B in Hammondsport, just up the lake from the Village Tavern (a favorite spot) 12% $17.99 at the winery

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars

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