Cyrus 1998

Cyrus Bordeaux blendAlexander Valley Vineyards, Cyrus 1998 14 years on this wine is looking youthful in the glass, with hues of red and just a hint of orange at the edge.  In the nose an oaky expression entices with an expectation of richness. On the palate the wine is supple, a swatch of velvet with flavors of toffee, caramel and chocolate.

This Bordeaux-blend is on top of the curve of a wine’s life, in a beautiful period for enjoying this holiday season.

If you’re having turkey over Christmas and the New Year, you might not consider a Bordeaux blend to be a fitting accompaniment.  Yet as they age, with the right amount of maturity, they can have the stuffing to make a good partner to a bird. Give it a try.  I’ve been opening some of these mature gems alongside roast chicken to great enjoyment.

$55 for the current release 2008 vintage, the bottle in hand was the gift of a friend. Alexander Valley Vineyards

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