Redwood Creek Chardonnay

Redwook Creek

The Winner

Redwood Creek, California, Chardonnay 2009 This is an easy drinking quaffer, melding California fruit and a viscous mouthfeel. While the concentration is on the lighter side, I have to say that I prefer drinking this to several of the very heavy-handed, outrageously buttery, expensive Chardonnays that I opened earlier in the week.

I am not opposed to buttery richness in Chardonnay; it’s just a question of balance. Light and fresh with a bit of richness is sometimes the better path, as in this wine here.

Winemaker Cal Dennison. Vinted and bottled by Frei Bros. Vineyards in Modesto 13.5% $7.99 suggested US retail, a media sample.

Redwood Creek

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