Langtry Genevieve Vineyard Chardonnay 2008

Langtry Estate, Guenoc Valley, Genevieve Vineyard, Chardonnay 2008 This is a rich Chardonnay that provides a multiplex experience, to borrow from the film industry.

The nose features tropical fruit and toasty, nuttiness. In the mouth the tropical fruit is fully on display, with buttery richness and a sense of the oak. The thickness of texture makes this wine compelling while a citrussy burst of acidity provides balance. I would even suggest that this Chardonnay is decadent, enjoyable as a stand-alone glass of wine, in the way that it satisfies on many levels.

Genevieve is a 10 acre vineyard situated just east of the historic home of Lillie Langtry. A portion of the wine was fermented in French oak barrels and and some was also treated to malolactic.

The winemaker is Erik Stine, who is doing a bang-up job of bringing this winery back into the public eye.  Produced and bottled in Middletown, up above Calistoga 14.5% available for $35 at the winery, the gift of a friend in Lake County

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