Sbragia Home Ranch Chardonnay 2007

Spragia Family Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley – Sonoma County, Home Ranch, Chardonnay 2007 This is a rich style of Chardonnay that strikes the balance between fruit, acidity, butteriness and oak. We always dissect these components in the classroom, looking at them individually and how asking they work as a team. The teamwork is what you experience in this wine, as if each of the components is an instrument in the orchestra, creating a sound where each, however full of them self, does not step on the toes of the others. In other words, it’s fresh, while at the same time complex – delicious.

Sbragia family photoVinted and bottled in St. Helena 14.4% $26 at the winery. Full disclosure:  this is a media sample and I had a great visit with Ed Sbragia years ago when I worked in retail at Safeway. That memory certainly informs my view of the wines he creates. That said, you can’t argue with the quality of the wine in the glass, as this guy regularly hits it out of the park. Check out this review in September:  Sbragia Cabernet

Visit the winery and their wines:  Sbragia Family

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