Ruggeri, Superiore di Cartizze

Ruggeri, Valdobbiadene DOC, Superiore di Cartizze Dry nv There’s a classic sense of bubble gum and sweet flowers in the nose, as well as plentiful fruit. In the mouth the wine is perfectly fresh and fruity and complemented by the touch of sweetness – lovely. There’s also a depth of flavor, a richness that you don’t often see in Prosecco that opens up with 15 minutes in the glass – spectacular. The grapes are all Prosecco grown in the Cru called Cartizze. This beautiful, hilly zone lies in the golden triangle formed by the villages of Saccol, Santo Stefano and San Pietro di Barbozza. The wine has 28 grams/litre sugar. The Bisol family been making wine in the region since the 16th Century. Bottled in Valdobbiadene 11% $25.99 at Bottle Barn

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