Let’s not forget the apples

We taste lots of great wines in the many classes but we musn’t overlook some other of the other beverages that delight the world.
Eric Bordelet, Sidre, Brut Tendre 2006 Yes there is the smell and taste of apples in a fairly dry package with plenty of carbonation. Yet like we saw with the previous vintage tasted, the 2004, there’s lots of aldehydic character and a sense brie cheese rind that nobody really cared for. This doesn’t have to be so funky. This is sparkling cider from the west of France. Bordelet has 1.5 hectares of antique varietal apple and pear trees – 40-50 years old. There are 20 varieties of apple, 14 varieties of pear, all biodynamically farmed. The cider is made in Charchigné, north of Angers along the Mayenne River in the dept of Mayenne. 4% $9.99 at Bottle Barn

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