Going the distance

Gunderloch, Rheinhessen, Jean-Baptiste, Riesling, Kabinett QmP 2002 This wine goes on after 6 years since the harvest, despite evidence of leaking and a then newish screwcap seal that appears to not have been perfect. There are notes of lanolin and citrus fruit to smell. The mouth tastes of tart green fruit, still possessing a zippy zing (is that redundant?) in a light-bodied format, with a touch of RS.

We often lay-down our top German Rieslings for aging. Yet here again we see that Riesling, even in its more humble incarnations, has staying power. Like other quality-oriented German producers, the Hasselbach family began making this wine as a branded regional blend. Such wines could help entice consumers unfamiliar with the complexities of German labels to give these great producers a try. Gutsabfullung in Nackenheim10.5% $14.49 at Bottle Barn Gunderloch

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