AV flight

This flight features 3 Pinot Noir from Mendo’s Anderson Valley, ranging from a baby ’06 through a more mature ’02.

Roessler Anderson Valley Bluejay Pinot Noir 2006
The last bottle of this wine was delicious though the acidity was quite sharp. Again there’s lots of acid but it feels appropriate and surrounded by oak. A Pinot with concentration and punch. Very nice. P&B in Santa Rosa 14.4% $32 at Traverso’s Roessler

Handley Anderson Valley Estate Reserve Pinot Noir 2004
The last bottle of the regular (not reserve) Pinot performed very well, especially for it’s price. Open this reserve bottling a little early to blow off the funky smells. Then the fruit opens up but the feel is quite gripping. Winemaker Milla Handley. P&B in Philo 14.5% $52 at the winery Handley

Husch Anderson Valley Estate Bottled Reserve Pinot Noir 2002
The wines from Husch have always been affordable. This wine takes us back a few years and is showing quite nicely melding cherry fruit and appropriate bretty earthiness. GP&B in Philo 14.7% The current release from 2005 is $35 at the winery, which we might use to ballpark the value of this bottle Husch

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