Muscat Love

Mas Amiel Muscat de Rivesaltes 2005
A vin doux naturel from the esteemed producer in Maury. My notes from early 2007 state: stunning – a fresh and light-bodied dessert wine that brims with Muscat fruit; the alcohol adds body but no burn. Again tonight the alcohol is perfectly integrated but there is evolution away from the freshest of fruit and floral tones. One could say the increased complexity is an enhancement while others might miss the fresh version. A very hard synthetic cork may be contributing to an early evolution in this wine. Tasted once more, in late August ’08, almost a year after the original post on this vintage, the wine is still evolving.  There’s more of a sense of the alcohol, like in a candy filled with a liqueur. The acidity keeps this wine from being cloying but I would personally prefer a newer vintage, with the wine closer to its original intended target. Mis au domaine in Maury 15.5% $20.49 at Bottle Barn

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